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I might pop on here later today too, but HAD to do a post just for this Masterclass. Part of how I am able to share the way I do with the mindset that I have is because of finding a company and business that allows me the time and money freedom to do so.

So much on my mind today!!… All of it brilliant of course 🙂 but mainly I would like to suggest something to you. Many people message me daily to ask what it is I’m doing now… and I’ll tell you what I tell them… tune into a webinar or a masterclass, because you cannot help but get excited about what is possible! It’s contagious and thrilling at the possibilities that start jumping around in your mind.

Since joining SAN many things have happened in mine and Jay’s little world and it’s ALL amazing! The financial piece has freed up the worry piece to then focus on the growing piece. I swear…. It’s showing me things I didn’t know I was looking for. So if you’re looking too then please check this out. I promise you’ll get value out of it at the VERY least…. but maybe… just maybe change your life too. Register and add this to your calendar for Friday.



Be Authentically You

I wish I could clearly explain what it means to your vision of wholeness when you connect with someone who helps you find the very best version of yourself. I’m so blessed to have that in my husband, but also in finding a goddesspreneur who has helped me to express myself and live my truth authentically. For far too long I lived with masks because I let my interpretation of what society expected guide me. It was realized this week that I’ve finally come into my own. My home. My spirit. My truth. I’ve been living it for quite some time but to actually realize it and remembering witnessing its birth…. well, it’s more than monumental. It’s changed me. Yes, the change, but realizing you’re in it, that you did that (with enormous help), and that what once felt impossible is now in living color…. well, Whoa!! Just whoa.

After my perfectly poignant tarot reading the other day, I was gifted the following tarot experience in a private message. I’m sharing it here in its fullness because I think it’s so important for all of us to realize. I am finally at a place on my spiritual and emotional journey that this is how I live currently. BUT it wasn’t always the case (and still need reminding). I once felt lost and hopeless. I was broken and had all but given up. My message is clear in this matter and in relation to my last post (another words a very important message that can’t be mentioned often enough) is to don’t ever give up. Whatever image you hold in your mind for your life, your well being, your future, you can hold in your hand, your heart, your life. I promise. Just by not giving up.

TAROT  DREAM COME TRUE- Your dreams are coming true because you stayed true to your hearts desire.

Time for you to relax and take in all of the amazing events that have happened to you over the last year or so. Look back and contemplate how fast things shifted for you when you made the decision to be true to yourself and to listen to the call of your soul (WOW). Your dreams are of your soul. Your dreams are unfolding faster than ever before. Congratulations for staying true to yourself, for believing in your dreams, and for overcoming all obstacles that were in your path. This card comes to you today to remind you to keep moving forward toward the life of your dreams. It has not been an easy journey, but you are finally beginning to see how everything is connected and how all of the adversity that you faced was a part of you facing your fears and learning new ways to handle your challenges. You have made sacrifices, you have taken risks, you have faced and overcome many trying times, and you never gave up. Do not forget to take note of all that you have been through to get to this moment in time. You are learning that intention and faith combined can move mountains (WOW). When you come up against a period of slow movement, it is important for you to remember all that you have accomplished. Your dreams are unfolding because you believed in the impossible. Remember how you got here and use this information to remember all that you have accomplished. Your dreams are unfolding because you believed in the impossible. Remember how you got here and use this information to create even more beautiful possibilities for yourself.

Words they couldn’t emphasize enough…. remember, believed, accomplished, dreams, overcome, forward, possibilities.

Sigh….mmmmm… please believe this for yourself. If you aren’t where you want to be, you can be. You can be.

For Pete’s Sake, Stop Apologizing

Sometimes I find myself frustrated with trends. I never want the things that really, really matter to lose their weight, their impact. I could come up with several examples, especially in the emotional improvement arena, but today I want to talk about #sorrynotsorry. All of this talk about how we say “sorry” too much. It’s funny to speak your mind with complete confidence and then use the hashtag. I get it. Shit… I’ve done it. But I do not want it to take away from the fact that over apologizing is a real thing and I think it’s worth talking about.

I have a life coach that I see every few weeks. She’s this sort of zen, yogastrologer, high priestess badass warrior woman. The first time we ever met I thought to myself, surely I’ve found my spiritual soul mate. She’s sort of amazing. She speaks about Mother Nature being her badass self, day in and day out, unapologetically. How it doesn’t matter how hot or cold it is, how she shamelessly fills the air with the intoxicating aromas of floral gardens or down pours heavy rains, I mean even tornadoes and hurricanes… in all of her Mother Nature glory, no apology. She is who she is and we love her in spite of all of it. I absolutely love this comparison because aren’t we all just a hot mess of right and wrong, trying our best to be ourselves and not have to feel bad about it? Aaaamen!

Apologizing is a real thing and their are absolutely real reasons that saying “I”m sorry,” groveling even, are absolutely necessary. Trust me, I’ve had to do my fair share. In fact it is one of my favorite periods of growth in my life, realizing that my unwillingness to apologize was my unhealthy relationship with humility. It has come to be that apologizing is now just a natural part of my days living as a fallible human being. Admitting when I’m wrong and trying to make it right. It’s imperative to healthy relationships.

Let’s talk about the reasons we should stop apologizing. One reason would be because it’s not your fault. Ever notice how someone can fill the gap in a greeting by apologizing because it’s raining? It might seem silly to some, but it happens all the time. People apologizing as a matter of conversation for things they have absolutely no control of. Stop that!!

Let’s stay away from perpetuating low self esteem by apologizing, yes? Unfortunately, a classic sign of low self worth is frequently apologizing. In doing so you actually reinforce negative feelings about yourself. Where on the flip side, just by limiting how often you apologize, right now, can actually have a positive impact on your self esteem. Yes, let’s do that.

Here’s a reason to stop…. RESPECT… or loss of. Over-apologizers tend to lose respect among peers and co-workers because it really does come across as a weakness. You really must own your actions and decisions and not be sorry about it for respect to remain in check.

*There is always that disclaimer here that there are things that need apologizing for, of course, but not for doing your job or being who you are. I don’t want it to be confused throughout this entire article that I’m all “never be sorry,” not at all. Just stop apologizing where it isn’t necessary.*

There will always be people in your life, work especially, who have a higher position than you, but by over apologizing you actually put yourself in a more subordinate role automatically. This will directly affect your confidence. Really take notice of whether there needs to be an apology at the times you do. If there doesn’t then really focus on cutting those out… for your confidence alone.

Ooooo… here’s a biggy… Stop apologizing to put off conflict! No one really loves conflict, I get that, but some conflict is necessary. Working through what the disagreement might actually be is so much healthier than apologizing for it and sweeping it under the rug. What actually comes from this is growth and that is so important, especially in the way of stopping apologizing where you shouldn’t, but in general too. Growth. Sigh. YES.

Sometimes when someone apologizes over and over again, it absolutely loses it’s meaning. I often say to my sometimes too often apologizing children, “don’t say I’m sorry just stop doing it.” But it’s the cry wolf thing… eventually your apology will mean very little if it’s something that you say all the time.

Last but definitely not least… Stop apologizing for being you! Yes, we make mistakes. Yes, apologize for those things. But never, ever apologize for over thinking something, not being appropriately dressed, defending your opinion, etc. You feel me. Apologize when you screw up, NOT for what makes you you… Even if someone doesn’t like it. Losing the apologies, in and of itself, will give you back some confidence right on the spot.

I say it all the time and I will preach on…. Be unapologetically you! It is so important to live your truth, say what you think, feel out loud, be fallible, respect yourself for not being sorry for having had to be sorry, for screwing up and becoming better for it, for being authentically YOU! Be You! #sorrynotsorry