Are You Motivated?

I think about this all the time, but I’ve never written about it. I mean, its not that thrilling of a topic, but important all the same. I mean, for real, who doesn’t need a good little kick in the pants once in a while? Or if you’re me… a lot of the time.

How on earth do people work from home, stay motivated and become successful? It’s not easy, let’s just say that. Holding yourself accountable sounds dreamy, but there is a lot to be said for being your own boss and not having a bossy boss that makes sure you do your shit.

Let’s face it, when you’re getting the kids lunch, taking the dog for a quick walk, or answering the door for UPS it’s not easy to jump right back into the flow of business emails, calls or writing. Distractions are different when set in a home office vs a business office. I mean, often times I’ll prefer to stuff my face, binge watch a show, or crawl back into bed rather than do any work… right?! So how on earth do you keep the wheels oiled and turning to become a success from home?

One suggestion I received was to set a schedule. I love this idea in theory, but with four kids, in summer, it’s not even a little bit of a reality… so similarly I set weekly goals. I like to do a set number of responsibilities each week to keep things progressing and have a week to do it. Because I’m not a fan of not reaching my goals, this works for me and keeps the stress low by not trying to keep a schedule.

This is going to sound silly maybe, but I am by far more productive if I get up, shower, get dressed and ready myself for the day. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t put on dress pants, pumps, or even makeup, but taking care to care for myself is definitely more encouraging to be productive then if I don’t…. by far.

Another thing that is kind of nice and spices things up, is to get out of the house to work once in a while. I can’t do it too often, but I love copping a squat at the local coffee shop sometimes to pound the key board. Well, and a midday cup of Joe never hurt either. 😀

I love to engage with my teammates and coworkers via phone and messaging even though I’m home in my home and they’re home in their home. Because, truth be told, it can get lonely working from home. Throw some interest in your day by goal setting or dream planning with someone you’re working with. I find a pep in my step when I speak about my plans in life or even for that day with a fellow goal digger.

Okay, this is the biggy… you must be doing something that you’re passionate about or something that allows you to do what you are passionate about. It’s nearly impossible, I would think, to motivate and/or not get distracted if what you’re doing is mundane or doesn’t speak to you. Life’s too short for all of that nonsense anyway. If what you’re doing doesn’t get you excited then keep looking. My gig is so easy to work, usually, because it is changing my family’s future and that thrills me to no end! Look for that!


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